Winchcombe Abbey Develops Reception ‘Hub’

Winchcombe Abbey CE Primary School develop a creative and innovative approaches to Reception Class learning.

Following a successful visit to The Mead Teaching School in December 2014 by five DGAT academies, Winchcombe Abbey CE Primary School have now developed their own Hub.  Headteacher Helen Springett explained, “We returned back to school full of enthusiasm for the exciting and creative learning approaches that we  saw       being developed in the school.” 

What is “The Hub?”

The hub is a specially designed space belonging to children in reception classes. It is a blank space which can become anything the children want, according to their interests.

How does it work?

Each week at Winchcombe Abbey, a group of 9 or 10 children are selected to spend their ‘busy learning time’ in the Hub. When the children enter the Hub, they will find a “provocation” - an item to inspire the children’s imagination and thinking. For three afternoon ‘busy learning time’ sessions, the children work together to plan, create, make, build, decorate, learn and play in the hub, inspired by their provocation. The children are supported in this venture by an adult who documents and scaffolds their learning. At the end of the week, the children help to move the contents of the hub into a space in the main area of the classroom for the rest of the children to play with during ‘busy learning time’.

The following week, the children who have participated in The Hub support their peers in how to play with their creation. “Over the course of a half term, all pupils in the reception class will have had an opportunity to explore this exciting space,” said Helen Springett. “As an academy, all of our Reception Staff have visited The Mead Teaching School to train, and we are also sending our Year 1 staff to The Mead so that we can continue to develop and explore this innovative idea within our Key Stage 1 curriculum offer.”


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