How are academies' budgets calculated?

For those academies which become part of the DGAT (Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust) family, the responsibility for adhering to the details of the Funding Agreement falls to the Trust.   As the funding for all its academies sits within the master Funding Agreement between DGAT and the Secretary of State, the remittances from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) are received into the DGAT bank account.  It then remains the responsibility of the Trust to distribute funds to the individual academies.  Academies' budgets, from the EFA, are made up of the following streams:

  • School Budget Share (SBS) based on pupil led factors including notional Special Educational Needs (SEN) which are:
    • Basic Entitlement Age Weighted Pupil Units (AWPU)
    • Deprivation
    • Looked After Children
    • Low cost, high incidence SEN
    • English as an Additional Language
    • Mobility
  • School Budget Share (SBS) based on other factors which are:
    • Lump Sum
    • Fringe Payments
    • Split Site
    • Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
    • Existing Sixth Form Commitments
  • Education Services Grant (ESG) which reflects the amount previously centrally retained by the LA
  • Start Up Grant
  • Pre and Post 16 High Needs funding for Special and Alternative Provisions Block (ie for those with Mainstream Autism Base)
  • Pupil premium and other government directed grants
  • High Needs Funding from the LA

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