Membership of DGAT

In order for schools to benefit from membership of DGAT we will:

  • ensure schools learn from one another, building shared capacity so that educational success is a reality for every child;
  • encourage new and creative opportunities to develop outstanding practice within a collaborative framework which mitigates the risk of working in isolation;
  • support schools in evaluating the impact of their work in developing outstanding practice which may be different from that encountered elsewhere;
  • ensure schools remain focused on educational priorities by supporting all financial, ‘back-office’ and business support functions;
  • support a strategic approach to estate management, premises development and admissions;
  • ensure that schools are confident and outward-facing in all that they do, building strong, effective partnerships within and beyond the immediate communities they serve;
  • support networks of schools, forging new relationships with those for whom the Church of England ethos could act as a real catalyst for securing improvement;
  • develop fully inclusive schools and, in case of church schools, to promote and enhance their Christian distinctiveness.

The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust will promote the notion of seeking local solutions to school improvement. This entails learning from the success of excellent schools, drawing on DGAT expertise and our team of consultants, working alongside Local Authorities and using, when necessary, external commercial providers.