Supporting Development and Improvement

The Trust’s primary aim is to secure educational excellence in its schools.  The Trust recognises that this will be achieved in a variety of ways in a variety of contexts.  We recognise the individuality of schools and seek to work in partnership with Local Governing Bodies and Head teachers to secure excellence. Whilst reserving the right to direct a school or intervene if things go wrong, the Trust seeks to support local decision making; the Trust is not a remote organisation which will impose a ‘one size fits all’ model. 

In supporting whole school development, the Trust will:

  • appoint an Academy Development Partner, with the involvement of the head teacher/principal, who will work with the school in objectively judging performance and validating the schools own self evaluation, alongside fostering networking between schools;
  • ensure that the school can benefit from professional dialogue with other trust schools, to learn from each other and develop best practice;
  • ensure that the weight of responsibility for school improvement is shared across the Trust, reducing the risk of capacity issues in supporting schools; 
  • add capacity and flexibility into the system to enable a bespoke package of support to be designed which is centrally co-ordinated and not dependent on the availability of one specific school / head teacher;
  • offer a sustainable, local, flexible and cost-effective model for school improvement which is not over-reliant on delivery by large commercial organisations, but does enable such support to be brought in, as required;
  • quality assure all school improvement work to ensure that schools benefit from the highest quality of support.

Benefits for Participating Schools
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