Staff Development

One of the most valuable assets in any school are the staff. The Trust aims to support all staff to realise their aspirations and to create a culture of continuous improvement and learning. The Trust will, therefore, maximise opportunities to support professional development of all staff in order to further strengthen the capacity of schools to achieve outstanding outcomes for pupils. 

The Trust will:

  • provide additional CPD opportunities for good and outstanding head teachers, supporting and developing senior leaders and staff to work as part of a team in the delivery of school-to-school improvement;
  • deliver wider professional development for aspirant leaders in supporting vulnerable schools or in 'acting up,' for absent colleagues in their own or other participating schools;
  • provide regular opportunities for all staff to work alongside outstanding practitioners and schools requiring improvement, in order to build the school’s own capacity to deliver better outcomes for pupils;
  • provide additional career opportunities across the Trust, through, for example, new models of leadership.


SSAT/Reform Report, Plan A+ Unfinished Revolution, March 2014

“The House of Commons Education Select Committee has recently come to the right conclusion that, in fact, “School partnerships and co-operation have become an increasingly important part of a self-improving or school-led system.”


Andrew Haldenby, Director, Reform

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