New Opportunities and Innovation

Like all schools, academies are required to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, provide an education for pupils of all abilities and educate pupils who are drawn from a local area.  However, academies do have greater additional freedoms than maintained schools and these are intended to help the school to innovate and continue to raise standards.  These freedoms mean that governing bodies and head teachers have more control over curriculum delivery and the way the school is organised and managed, as well as having greater control over the school budget and the length of terms and school days. The Trust will shape policy and developments through listening and responding to the expertise and views of those in participating schools.

The Trust will:

  • support the development of pedagogical practice and curriculum innovation, through its partnerships and networks, to meet the needs of pupils;
  • support the development of the Christian foundation, including opportunities to prioritise the physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of pupils;
  • maximise opportunities for collaborative working which is primary-focused within an easily accessible geographical area in and around Gloucestershire;
  • support schools with all elements of budget planning;
  • co-ordinate centralised tendering and procurement processes, as appropriate, in order to ensure value for money across the trust;
  • support schools in setting their admissions criteria in order for the school to respond to the needs of their community (the Trust is its own admissions authority)
  • support with the submission of all bids to the Department for Education for capital funding.

SSAT/Reform Report, Plan A+ Unfinished Revolution, March 2014

The most popular reasons for becoming an academy are a “general sense of financial autonomy” (cited by 55 per cent of respondents) and a “general sense of educational autonomy” (cited by 51 per cent of respondents).

Benefits for Participating Schools
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